Josephine Byrnes-Luna

Registered Professional Counsellor | Supervisor |
Nationally Accredited Mediator (NMAS)


Choosing a career can be a challenge, however we should remember it is ok to change our minds throughout our lives. Sometimes it can take a few experiences to find what we are ‘truly’ wired for.

Every bit of experience we have in life over time will be helpful.

I would be more than happy to assist you with:

  • Identifying career directions
  • Making career decisions
  • Personalised advice
  • Strategies towards improvement
  • And Much More!

There is an abundance of information and resources available to help us in the seeking of our careers. I look forward to working with you, both personally and professionally to add to your growth and development over time.

Transitioning from school to studies and work

A common question many students and families ask is: “Do I have to do my HSC?

The simple answer is actually “No!”

The notion that you must complete the HSC because it is the law and/or to have any chance in life is simply not correct. Students still have a legitimate choice!

The fact is the HSC is not suited for everyone.  We are not all ‘wired’ the same, we are all born unique.  Unique DNA, unique personalities, gifts and talents.  Too often we are perhaps labelled or pushed under collective banners, acronyms, curriculum etc and this can be soul destroying which is so unnecessary.

I have assisted so many students leave ‘the system’ to go on and pursue their dream and/or gain entry into university, all without the HSC.   Yes it is possible and not hard to achieve.

There is more than one path to your future, career and studies, please see my article.


Every bit of experience we have in life over time will be helpful.

 I look forward to working with you further.


Josephine has a commitment to quality, an eye for detail and an unwavering passion for helping people reach their highest potential in circumstances they are facing. She focuses on strong communication and relationship building and ongoing professional development so she can assist in identifying the best solutions for organisations and clients. She has a great capacity for understanding people, their blockages to change, and tangible steps to move forward. Marie Bonney

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