Josephine Byrnes-Luna

Registered Professional Counsellor | Supervisor |
Nationally Accredited Mediator (NMAS)

Children and Parenting

I have a genuine passion and interest in people, especially children, they are our future. When I began this journey as a Professional Counsellor / Therapist I spent several months visiting and talking with over 50 child care facilities about issues Centres and parents may face with children, family and working life. This provided me with a very informed understanding of these issues and a solid basis to develop much of my therapeutic practice for children, parenting and families.

“Children are our most precious resource. They need love, nurturing and ultimately guidance in order for them to confidently face the challenges of everyday life.”

– Josephine Byrnes-Luna

 have had the ultimate pleasure in working with many children, their families and childcare workers helping to shape and guide behaviour, develop behaviour management programs and assist in the guidance of one of the most important jobs in the world ‘parenting’.

Best of all, I love it!


Please find below a range of brochures that may be of interest and/or help you

Helping Children Cope with Disappointment

Emotional Milestones for Children

Children and Discipline

Children in Childcare

Thoughts and Ideas for Fears Worry and  Anxiousness

If the teen years have turned your parenting journey into a frustrating, joyless, and emotionally wrenching roller coaster ‘Parenting the Modern Teen’ by Louise Clarke just might be your answer.  It is a e-Book with a difference with some retrospect and reflection that makes sense.  I loved it.    Josephine xxx





Thank you Josephine for all your time and information. I have now clear strategies for using effective communication with children to help guide their behaviour and I can share these with my staff. I also liked the group interaction as I was able to gain ideas from other participants to use at my centre. This was a very interesting and professional workshop. Caroline & Lesley

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