Josephine Byrnes-Luna

Registered Professional Counsellor | Supervisor |
Nationally Accredited Mediator (NMAS)


We all have relationships in our lives in some way shape or form.  Relationships can be with a loved one, spouse, parent, child, sibling, neighbour, work colleague, good friend, another family member or even your pet.

Whatever the relationship, my ultimate philosophy is – the basis of all relationships is regular face-to-face communication.  Without communication, relationships break down over time.

Please don’t hesitate to make an appointment with me should you feel the need for any guidance or support, individually and/or as a couple.  Getting help sooner rather than later is always more helpful.

A relationship will break down over time without regular face-to-face communication.”

– Josephine Byrnes-Luna

You can also download my Tips Towards Building Better Relationships.

I also recommend you download Relationships over a ‘Reason, Season or a Lifetime.  This is a lovely read and makes one think about any relationship and what it may mean.


Video messages with Josephine

The importance of face to face communication

Do you know and understand your communication style?  Are you ‘details’ or ‘fluff’?

Josephine, we have found our experiences with you very rewarding, and as a direct result of the time we have spent with you, we have grown closer together instead of further apart. We have learned how to communicate more effectively; shift the focus from one to two, and from little things to big things. Had you not taken the time to work with us, we have no doubt that we would not be in the much happier place that we are today. We appreciate the fact that you are so flexible and that you have been able to shift gears as required to make these positive changes happen. R and S McArthur