Josephine Byrnes-Luna

Registered Professional Counsellor | Supervisor |
Nationally Accredited Mediator (NMAS)


Read the kind things my clients have said about me and my services…

“As Josephine’s mentor for the past two years, I am happy to recommend her. With Josephine, you have a very smart woman with lots of talent in counselling, coaching, business, and professional speaking. She is a person with great people skills combined with real drive and business sense.”

Ken Warren

Director, Positive People Solutions

“Each of us is unique in our own different way, and each of us makes a contribution, there is no right or wrong type. We are unique, and that is how God made us and bless the difference.”

Director, Jewish Care

“It was just great to gain further insight from other Centres and an experienced professional”.


Ruse Child Care Centre

“Thank you so much Josephine, I loved all of it. I enjoyed the opportunity to share ideas with others and am clearer about how to build the team and maintain momentum. I definitely feel refreshed and re-energised about team work.”


Unique Kids ELC

“Josephine, I found working with you has helped me a lot and you were very understanding and patient with my situation – thank you. Keep up your great work.”


Camden Business Owner

“This was a great workshop, very informative with commonsense framework to build from and help me in my workplace.”



“Thank you Josephine for an informative and relaxed evening. You put over your information in an easy to listen manner and although the time flew, I could have stayed and listened so much longer.”


Macarthur Multicultural Children Services Association

“I like the sharing of ideas and experiences from other participants from the same industry and the feedback from Josephine. All of the hand-outs have valuable information that we can now refer to in the future. This workshop was very easy to understand and gain knowledge.”

Georgia and Pauline

Marrickville Council

“The most important thing for me today was how to communicate with others in a working environment and learn to adjust accordingly.”


South-West Sydney Auto

“I gained a lot from this workshop – knowledge of ways to cope with challenging behaviour, cope with my own feelings and how to communicate effectively with children. It was all very helpful and I will take a lot away from this workshop.”


Calwell ECC, ACT

“This was a very good workshop. I had the opportunity to reflect on my management style and also develop a consistent understanding of what to consider when working with my team. It is also great that you offer some support following the workshop.”


Director, Gumnut Kidz Kindergarten

“I thoroughly enjoyed your style of workshop. I was able to gain more effective ways of communicating and found the whole process very informative”.


The Oaks Preschool