Josephine Byrnes-Luna

Registered Professional Counsellor | Supervisor |
Nationally Accredited Mediator (NMAS)

About Josephine


I’m Josephine Byrnes-Luna, a Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP); Professional Counsellor, Nationally Accredited Mediator and Professional Supervisor.

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) has complimented my mediation and counselling practice.  After completing collaborative law practice in the family law jurisdiction and then becoming a nationally accredited mediator I was beginning to work more in the family law space. This combination of experience enabled a very balanced and holistic approach with FDR.

Today it is becoming more apparent that not all cases have to end up in court or be bitterly litigated. There are so many more mutually beneficial, collaborative processes and ways of dispute resolution that can and will benefit the client, particularly children – financially, emotionally and in a more timely manner.

With my years of therapeutic experience, collaborative practice training in the family law jurisdiction and FDR studies with the College of Law, I am in a perhaps unique position to offer a holistic approach to FDR. I am able to bring so many aspects of the process of what I see as necessary for successful dispute resolution, and as an independent FDR practitioner within the legal industry.

My work as a Counsellor spans a variety of areas, including personal & relationship counselling, childhood development and parenting, workplace, careers, grief and loss. This has provided me such an opportunity to assist people from all walks of life where I have been trusted into the ultimate privacy of their lifestyles and homes.

As a workplace mediator with a diverse working life I have a very good understanding of different working sectors experiencing such a range of dynamics, I understand how workplace disputes can evolve and quickly escalate.

With almost 3 decades in the public sector I have developed a thorough understanding of the machinery of Government in NSW, and the Commonwealth level. This includes the formulation and implementation of public policy, regulation reform, design and delivery of government programs and services and the Parliamentary process.

My leadership style is strongly affiliative and collegiate and I utilise emotional intelligence to create bonds and harmonious relationships within the teams I lead. I believe in being a “results orientated” leader who clearly articulates objectives but allows subordinates considerable autonomy in how they deliver outcomes.

All these experiences have engendered a deep interest in, and engagement with the local community sitting on varied Boards in the capacity of Board Member, Vice President, President and Board Advisory.

On a personal level, I am a very happy wife and mother of two boys, and I continue to enjoy and cherish the support of a very loving family as I pursue my dream – helping people.

I look forward to working with you.


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Professional Affiliations & Memberships


Qualified Member of:
  • The College of Law
  • Australian Counsellors Association
  • The Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors
  • The ACA College of Supervisors
  • The Australian Mediation Association

Barry Nilsson Best Graduating Student Prize in Family Dispute Resolution Practice – The College of Law 2021.  This award is across all students (all states) graduating with Family Dispute Resolution Prctice whether that is a Graduate Diploma or a major in the Master of Laws program.


Member of:
  • Australian Counselling Academy
  • Greater Narellan Chamber of Commerce
  • NSW Chamber of Commerce
  • Wollondilly Women in Business
  • Director’s Institute